Top Fitness Gymnastics

Top Fitness Gymnastics

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People think losing weight and gaining muscle is a quick sprint to success. They think it should be painful, difficult, and boring. They are wrong!

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Thank-you for visiting our website! Our mission is to provide exceptional advise in fitness based on the full body training of gymnastics and related areas of dance and cheer for top fitness and fun. Our goal is to offer high quality sports activities that will contribute to the emotional and mental as well as physical well-being of everyone towards developing a positive self image.

Top Fitness is:

  • The ultimate fitness training website for developing strength, stamina, and get in shape using at home body-training exercises with minimal equipment.
  • Fully researched and scientifically valid, based on the latest sports science research.
  • Created by professional fitness trainers, and consultants.
  • Where you can develop the confidence in finally reaching your goals, improve body awareness and strength all at the comfort of your own home.
  • Total fitness…total fun – gymnastics!! (tfg)

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Thanks Top Fitness for being so awesome. I followed some of your coaching and advice and gained 25 lbs of muscle while dropping three belt sizes! If you guys wanna get some awesome strength, seriously these guys are your go to!

Marc Goodman



We can provide you number #1 service to customize your workout routines.

Workout Customization

Based specifically on your needs, we take a comprehensive approach to customize body weight workouts with minimal equipment just for you!

Weekly Groceries Shopping List

Based on your nutritional needs, we can recommend a weekly shopping list with recipes so you can meet your desired macros

5 days a week Support

We are available via Skype, Zoom, Instagram and Facebook chat 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm PST to answer any of your questions

Before and After Image Tracking

Sometimes its easy to forget how far you’ve come along, so we provide image transformation tracking. We remind you before each workout to take a photo and upload it, that way you can see the results as you move along.

Home Gym Suggestions

If some of your workouts need equipment, we can make recommendations on the type of equipment, based on your budget. So we can tell you what dumbbells to buy for example, or what pull-up bars to get.

Budget Friendly Suggestions

We can also make recommendations on budget friendly equipment, so if you want to find the best treadmill under 500, or the best recumbent exercise bike, you’ll get all these suggestions from us