DEVOS Informational Letter

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An athlete is selected to be a part of this fun yet educational program based on the athlete's gymnastic talent, potential and motivation.


The DEVOS program was developed for girls that might be interested in more advanced challenges from their gymnastics class. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for more rapid skill development. The main goal of the program is to prepare athletes to become future competitive gymnasts and is designed as a pre-competitive program that will lead into the Top Flyte Gymnastics competitive program.


As participants in the DEVOS Program there are expectations that all athletes and parents need to be prepared for. Athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices. There are NO make-ups given for time missed except those scheduled by the DEVOS director. Just like the Competitive Program, the DEVOS Program is a year round program and you are expected to pay tuition whether or not you attend.


When arriving for practice athletes need to be ready to begin. The athlete's hair must be tied up properly and they must be dressed in a leotard. All athletes are required to purchase a DEVOS leotard. These leotards are for the athletes to wear in DEVOS appearance, events & pictures. All athletes are required to attend the Fun Meets as scheduled throughout the year. If you have individual schedule conflicts, please contact the DEVOS director or the office.


Athletes and parents are expected to treat each other with respect. Each child is different and will progress through the program at different speeds. All athletes are required to have a DEVOS Contract/Registration Form on file.


The athletes will be given several opportunities to perform and show off their gymnastics skills which will in turn help to prepare athletes for competition. The athletes will be involved in both Fun Meets and Formal Testing throughout the year. The Fun Meets are a great opportunity for athletes to show what they have learned for family and friends and to teach them how to compete. The Formal Testing will be an evaluation of the athlete's progression and class placement in the program.


The DEVOS Program is divided into 2 sections: Junior DEVOS and Senior DEVOS. Advancement will depend on the athlete's skill attainment, attitude, attendance and coach's recommendation. All athletes will be evaluated on the basis of the USA Gymnastics guidelines for skill development. Each level has a set standard of skills, strength and flexibility that must be attained before they are ready to move to the next group. Correct body positions and technique will be given careful attention. “Mastering” a skill rather than simply “making” a skill is of prime importance.


DEVOS athletes are required to attend class at least twice a week. The gymnasts will perfect the skills necessary for the first level of USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition. DEVOS athletes will be invited to advance to the LEVEL 4 Competitive Team when they have met all of the program skill, strength & flexibility requirements, passed the Level 4 Competitive Formal Testing, and have the coach's recommendation. DEVOS gymnasts and their family are required to make a minimum one year commitment to the program.


If you have further questions, or would like to see if your daughter is eligible, please see our Recreational Director, Eryn Wise or Maria Schell in the office.

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