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TOP FLYTE reserves the right to ask Open Gym Participants to leave without possibility of refund if Safety Policies are not followed.


OPEN GYM is to be used as a learning and practice time. Running, rough housing, or interfering in any way with fellow gymnasts will not be tolerated.


ALL PARTICIPANTS must have waiver form completed by LEGAL PARENT or GUARDIAN on file before attending Open Gym.

  • Participants under 6 years of age must have Parent in constant contact with them during Open Gym. (Parent must be on floor, not in seating area)
  • Participants under 12 years of age MUST have Parent onsite (in seating area OK unless asked to be with gymnast by TFG staff).
  • Participants under 18 years of age must have parent sign them in EACH time they attend and parent must complete waiver form.



NO Flips of any kind, including on Trampoline/Tumble Trak. / NO PARKOUR ALLOWED

Take turns, one person at a time on equipment, and always two footed landings! (Especially on trampolines, tumble track and inflatable.)

Move in one direction on floor and equipment (especially Tumble Track). Watch carefully for other students to prevent collisions.

 Bars are for swinging, not climbing. If students cannot properly get on equipment, then they need to be hand spotted.

Only use equipment that has adequate matting—at least 8-12 inches. Conversely, do not stack mats/equipment taller than 3 feet.

One person at a time on equipment. Watch out for those around you.



FOAM PIT USAGE: Our pit is only for usage under direct supervision of TFG staff. If staff is not present in/on pit then pit is closed.



Athletic dress: leotard, shorts, t-shirts, sweats, bare feet. Hair shoulder length or longer should be held back off of face.

NO JEANS, JEWELRY or metal/snaps/buttons.

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