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Parents Night Out


  Gymnastics Clinics



January 20th






Sat Feb 24th


floor and Vault



Advanced Registration by January 17th

$20 for first child, $15 for siblings

At the door $25



Sat Jan 20th


Bars and Beam

Sat March 3rd


Floor and Vault



    Fun For Everyone!!

Price includes:

Pizza and drinks

safe play and games

children ages 6+



Sat Feb 10th


Bars and Beam

Sat March 24th


Floor and Vault


 Clinics are $30 each for the 2 hours of practice. 

These clinics help your child excel in the skills needed to pursue the next level and or to help maintain the confidence in the skill



Reserve your spot today 503-665-1200



 Clinics are suggested per level however you may sign up for a more advanced clinic as well as perfect the basics by choosing a clinic from a previous level

   At least 7 participants must be enrolled to hold the clinic, Please sign up in the front office today. 503-665-1200  

 Bar clinics:


Helicopters Sat Jan 20th: Perfecting the Pullover and back hip circle as well as working on mill circles and larger casts

Jets Sat Feb 10th: Pullover and Back hip circle will be adressed lightly, more focus on mill circles and front hip circles


 Beam clinics:

Propellors Sat Jan 6th: Focus on being comfortable with the beam. working on mounts, tight walks, safely dismounting from beam, handstands on floor beam. 

Helicopters Sat Jan 20th: Focusing on tight walks, handstands on beam and intro to level 3 dismount from beam

Jets Sat Feb 10th: Emphasis on tight walks, handstands on beam, and level 3 beam dismount. 



Most of the vault clinics will work on developing a strong run and hitting the board correctly. As well as each individual vault per level. 


Propellors Feb 24th: Focus on Handstands and cartwheels, as well as basic rolls

Helicopters March 3rd: Focus on Handstands, Handstands to bridges, bridge kickovers,  and cartwheel step ins

Jets March 24th: Focus on handstands, Handstand fwd rolls, bridge kickovers, front limbers, roundoffs, and intro to back hand springs




Attendees at any Top Flyte event must have a waiver form completed by their parent or legal guardian before attending.

Registration/ Waiver form can be downloaded from our website click on "Registration button" to the right.

Many events require Pre-Registration at least a week prior to the event.

For more information on any event/ program at Top Flyte, call us at 503-665-1200


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